A Yogin teacher’s way to love 

In languages such as Sanskrit and Greek there are a number of words for what we might call love, each denoting a different kind of relationship.  And though we have numerous words in the English language to describe our emotional relationships, we often choose one. Love. We love our children, and our spouse, and our car; as well as our cream tea …no I really, really love my cream tea… but what does that mean? It often means that they make us happy – or at least trigger a neuro-chemical response in our reward centers. It ends up a fairly selfish expression and does not actually coincide with some of the intention behind the way love has been expressed historically or poetically. Love is supposed to be about relationship. It is supposed to be about how we treat, or what we do to and for others.  As noted by many; Love is a doing word.  

So as teachers and leaders, how are we to love each other and our students. How do we teach each other through Love (for lack of a better word)?   (more…)

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