A matter of meaning – the meaning of matter?

A matter of meaning – the meaning of matter?

or {What’s the matter with you}

You, like me, matter very little. We are small – almost unnoticed – the isness of life does not need us – we need it.

If all of humanity was removed from the face of this planet – life itself would survive. It exists in so many forms, many of which would flourish more abundantly if we did not exist.

Trees and vines would consume our meager buildings we are awed by. Animals would find homes and multiply in the walls of our spacial manipulations –

We are spacial in the material world – not special.

The poetry of trying to grasp an understanding of this thing we call life can be attributed to a part of God that in no way needs human involvement to propagate. It is a gift for us and to us that we require to exist. It sustains us – it animates our beings. In Jewish mystical understanding It is the first level of the soul Nefesh that lives in the world of Asiya. In Yoga it is in Maya and we the Atman must find our path.

This is a very existent world in which we must navigate these bodies of ours to interact with all of the life-force around us – to manipulate space, and in this world : this level of reality – we are so infinitesimal : we are nothing. From Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot to Douglas Adam’s Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe – thinkers have reminded us that; in the universe and by  mathematical computation – we barely exist and certainly do not matter in the larger picture.

We can feel very small in this world – meaningless.

However – this is the world of the material. What so many thinkers call the real world. They feel “grounded” in this place of scientific inquiry and equation. The language itself speaks to the physical: do you matter – are you grounded. This is the language of the material. This is an important world to study and learn and live in. Great medical advancements have saved many from suffering and death. Our lives are made better by these thinkers –

This is not a post about opposition but rather integration.

Now let’s look at the not-so-material world. Let’s take a moment to think about the world of consciousness.

The world of consciousness is the spiritual world. You do not have to be religious or believe in God, or deity. You do not even need to be involved in the conversation to be a part of the spiritual world : as we live here by proxy. The world of consciousness is just as existent, even if not quantifiable; and in this world, what many mystics would call the “real” world, you mean a great deal – for without you – that world would be smaller and sustains a real loss.

Consciousness is that part of God that, if it does not need us, it certainly wants us a great deal.  We mean so much to this aspect of reality.It is where we encounter the art of life – what gives life its color. What is a flower if it is not experienced by all of life that can experience it? Merely strands of DNA compiling data to facilitate carbon material feeding off the sun and earth – just like us. It sits there growing, feeding, birthing, dying.  However, give that flower a home in your garden – in your mind. Share it as a gift – enjoy its color and scent – and the flower becomes much more in the world of consciousness. This is the world where who we are is what we do. This is how all matter transcends existence and becomes meaning.

Living a spiritual or religious life is nothing more than being mindful of and in, this world. We all do it; when we sing – when we remember an anniversary – when we offer a cup of tea – or even a kind word. It is there for the Atheist  – the God-fearing – the Pagan – the Undetermined. We are all involved in it just by being here – and by being here we mean something.

Charge: Think about how you have meaning in this “world” of consciousness and how you affect this world. Negative interaction with consciousness affects this world as much as positive interaction. What are you cultivating – and what is being cultivated around you? If you still feel like there is little meaning there : let a spiritual leader or person know, and you will mean enough to be shown that there more there than you realize.

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