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There are two major drives in the human experience that can consume our thoughts beyond all others, both of which are primary to the propagation of life. These are food and sex, both of which are easily wont to become a human overindulgence.  Food is addressed in other parts of Yoga and Sanatana Dharma and will fall in another post. However, the consensus and teaching is similar.

Brahmacharya is about self-restraint, but it is often expressed in chastity and many times, for the renunciate ( one who becomes monk like), as celibacy.  If the drives of food and sex are so strong, why is self-restraint of brahmacharya nearly always focused on sex. Well, one way to think about it is that though a hunger in the belly might lead one to steal from the company refrigerator,  sexual drives have ruined families, fortunes, and in some cases empires.   (more…)

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