Yoga योग means divine connection – Panda पण्डा means a place of learning. We are a free online source for Traditional Yoga teaching and practice. We will be launching again in early 2020 with a number of paths to reach the highest states of consciousness for all Yogins, no matter where they are on their journey. We look forward to traveling with you.

Current Programs

We will return soon

All programs are on hold while we rebuild after a tragic hacking incident. We apologize for the inconvenience and will have more exciting things to share in the very near future as we work around the clock.

Traditional Yoga Training


What Our Students Say


Before I started I thought there was just no way out for me, but now I know that if I'm not getting to where I need to go with my life it is because I am not taking up the process, I'm not practicing it enough right now. For me the practice has been most helpful with the mantras and gratitude."
Adrienne Bramhall, Sebastopol, CA
It is a very positive process. I think that it takes a very strong individual to participate. And it was just so powerful for me, personally. I feel great. It is always a very positive energy here for me."
​~ Yael Sverdlik, New York, NY​
​ “This training made my life mine again. I have learned what it means to identify with the REAL me”
~Vona Broughton, Myrtle beach, SC

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